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May 25 -28, 2009

Toronto in summer. (Photo by Robert Stirrett)
This refereed four-day conference is staged at Ryerson University's International Living Learning Centre (ILLC) at 240 Jarvis Street in downtown Toronto. The conference brings together international professors and students to present research in their respective fields.

The presentations will be based on abstracts, papers, and proposals in any of the following tracks: 
  • Social Sciences and Humanities,
  • Business and Economics,
  • Teaching and Education,
  • Engineering and Technology,
  • Physical and Life Sciences, and
  • Interdisciplinary Studies.

The best paper in each of these six tracks will be recognized through an engraved plaque. The reviewers will select the winning papers.

It is up to each author how much to submit or publish. Some authors may publish only an abstract in the proceedings. Others may prefer to publish a longer format such as a full paper. IJAS does not ask for the authors' copyrights; authors are free to take their presentation work elsewhere and publish it in a journal.

Authors may deliver their work during the conference either as (i) a regular
presentation, (ii) a poster session, (iii) a panel, or (iv) a workshop.

The second part of this conference consists of introducing Ontario landmarks to our international academic audience and presenters. We will meet the people that make this province so special, and experience rural Ontario. Departing from outside the ILLC, the buses will provide complimentary programs to Niagara Falls and St Jacobs.

Life is good under the Toronto skyline. (Photo by 416style)
Ryerson University 

Given the nature of our conference, we looked for a university that captures in its spirit what Canada is all about and why Canada is our favorite trade partner. It had to be a university in the heart of a major Canadian city and, at the same time, a university that could offer a comfortable ambiance for our academic attendees.
After doing our research, Ryerson University came out tops. It has an excellent events management team, and its central location in the heart of Toronto is the icing on the cake.

It is a joy to walk around in downtown Toronto; there is so much to see; so much to sample; and so much to appreciate and reflect upon about what makes Canada such a great country.

Ryerson University will be hosting our conference in downtown Toronto. (Photo by Photopia/Himy Syed)
On its own website, Ryerson University describes itself as "Canada's leading centre of applied, professional education... named after Egerton Ryerson, the founder of public education in Ontario... Located in the heart of Toronto, Ryerson reflects the vibrant, diverse, and ever-changing atmosphere of Canada's largest city and is a great location for meetings and conferences. Named one of the world's best cities in which to live by Fortune Magazine, Toronto is known as a safe and friendly city with a diverse ethnic culture. When visiting Ryerson University you are close to all of Toronto's attractions. These include the CN Tower, The Rogers Centre, Air Canada Centre, The Hockey Hall of Fame, world class theatres, the Metro Zoo, various museums and art galleries, as well as a picturesque harbourfront where you can enjoy a boat tour of the harbour or a ferry ride to Toronto Island."

We are honored to work with Ryerson in staging this conference and for setting up an agenda of activities for which the University's location will be the perfect hub. We are also grateful for Ryerson's lodging facilities -- in Toronto's prime central location -- which will be available to our conference attendees at a discount (see "Lodging" section below).


Plenary Speakers

Narratives of Trauma and Defeat in Post 1967 War Poetry
Saddik M. Gouhar
United Arab Emirates University, UAE

Maria Latukhina
Saddik M. Gouhar

Growing Threat: Radical Nationalism in Russia
Maria Latukhina
University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Planning University Courses for Problem Oriented Project Based Group Work
Karsten Pedersen
Roskilde University, Denmark

Karsten Pedersen
Complimentary Bus Trip to Niagara Falls
The maid of the mist. (Photo by Diego Silvestre)
On the second day of our conference, Tuesday, May 26, 2009, buses will line up outside Ryerson offering a complimentary day-trip to the Niagara Falls. However, it is at the discretion of each attendee whether to participate in this unique journey or whether to stay on campus and attend more conference sessions.

The Niagara with its thunderous waterfalls and vibrant energy is a center of inspiration for anyone who looks over its railings, a stone's throw away from the cascading water. It makes one wonder about the universe and where one fits within it all.

One cannot fail to notice the various immigrants during the summer who bring over their visiting relatives to "the big one." It's like they are telling them "This is Canada with all its mighty arms outstretched, the mighty arms that gently took me in." If the Falls does not impress, nothing will impress. The Falls silences its viewers into awe.

One's insignificance next to it diminishes further if one takes a bobbing tourist boat toward the roaring waters which drop precipitously into the abyss and spring back into the air soaking one's poncho and eyes with a penetrating mist. This is a moment of great extremes spanning from excitement to humility. It's like finding religion.

There is only so much that one can visualize within the four walls of a conference hall. No textbook, no paper, no video can replicate the Falls' experience.

As we leave the water behind us and the bus heads to Niagara-on-the-Lake, the nearby town, the scenery changes. Entrepreneurs have transformed the once sleepy town into a tourist magnet of retail boldness and extravaganza. The offerings are endless as one strolls around town soaking the experience to the last drop before the bus heads back to Toronto.

Why The Bus Tours Matter
There is more than meets the eye behind these bus tours.

To find out why these tours are conducive to study abroad programs and joint research, please click

Complimentary Bus Trip to Rural Ontario and St Jacobs
The Mennonites. (Photo by Never Was An Arrow II)
On the last day of the conference, on Thursday, May 28, 2009, unless you prefer to attend another conference session, Toronto will span incessantly outwards as the bus heads southwest on Highway 401. In an affirmation that this is Canada's biggest city, urbanized areas will push Toronto's edge ever outwards.

Then, slowly but surely, rural Canada starts manifesting itself. In May, the countryside is lush with greenery. After the long winter months of hibernation and snow, nature comes back dressed for the summer in vibrant colors.

As we approach St. Jacobs, we find ourselves lost in a time warp as the Mennonites move in relative slow motion in their buggies on our bus windows. They are a gentle reminder that we may be going too fast and possibly in the wrong direction of consumerism.

Our tour of St. Jacobs shall include (i) a complimentary buffet in the region's most famous Mennonite restaurant, (ii) a visit to Canada's largest year 'round farmers market, with over 600 vendors, and (iii) walking and shopping in downtown St. Jacobs' boutiques and artist studios -- over 100 of them -- selling "Made in St. Jacobs" merchandise. Pottery, weaving, quilt making, broom making, glassblowing, baking, chocolates, stained glass, and corn dollies will compete against each other for your attention.

By the time St. Jacobs is over you'll be very tired and you will be glad to go back to Toronto riding a comfortable coach as opposed to a buggy. This would be the last day of the conference and after four days of activities on and off the premises, nothing will feel better than a pint of beer in a Toronto pub and another comfortable night in Ryerson's quiet guest facilities.

With students being away for their summer vacation, you will be one of the last scholars who will walk out of Ryerson for the 2008/2009 academic year. And, hopefully, you will take with you an unforgettable four days of celebrating Canada and its special relations with the United States.



Submit Your Research

To submit your abstract, paper or other proposal for presentation at this conference, click

Within two weeks of receiving your paper, we will notify you of the reviewers' acceptance or rejection. If you submit an abstract instead, we will notify you within a matter of days.

If we inform you that it is an acceptance and you would like to publish your research in abstract, summarized or full format in the proceedings, follow the format
here. You will get a free copy of the proceedings on a CD-ROM entitled Conference of the International Journal of Arts and Sciences (ISSN 1943-6114).

At the conference, the presentation room will be equipped with a laptop, a digital projector and a projector screen. The laptop will be set up for Powerpoint presentations. Linux and Mac users are asked to save their presentations in a compatible format. In the evolving world of Microsoft, save down to the 97-2003 format in order to ward off any problems. Make sure to bring with you about 10 to 20 hard copies for the attendees.

Questions about your submission should be emailed to:

Life surfaces on Lake Ontario. (Photo by Gavan Watson)
Lodging and Parking

(Ryerson photo by Carsten Kessler)
Ryerson University has modern residences in central downtown, right where our conference will be held.

Originally two types of residences were available to our delegates. However, Ryerson has since decided to renovate Pitman Hall. As a result, those delegates who had reserved a room at Pitman will be moved to ILLC (below) without any extra charge for this upgrade.

International Living Learning Center (ILLC) at 240 Jarvis Street, Toronto, features 
single and double occupancy guestrooms with hotel style amenities and services including a full service restaurant and bar lounge. The majority of the rooms have one queen size bed and a pull out sofa bed. Guestrooms are not equipped with two beds. Check-in time is at 4:00 pm. Guests arriving before 4:00 pm will be accommodated as soon as rooms become available. Otherwise the luggage will be stored in ILLC's storage area until the rooms are ready at 4:00 pm.

For convenience purposes, our conference will also be held within the ILLC building. 

You may make your lodging reservation by clicking here and then clicking on the On-line Reservation line.

Parking passes may be purchased upon arrival at the Front Desk. A 24-hour in/out access card will be issued upon check-in and must be returned upon check-out. A $30 parking deposit is required. The daily rate is $11.50 plus 13% tax.

The Ryerson Recreation and Athletics Centre (RAC) is available to guests lodging at the ILLC for $6 per day.

High speed internet connection is available in each guest room free of charge. Guests are required to provide their own computer with Ethernet Card and RJ-45 cable. Technical support is not provided.

For information about ground transportation between Toronto's Pearson International Airport and Ryerson University (in downtown Toronto), click
here and here.

Conference Registration 1
Solution Graphics

Toronto (May 2009) Conference Registration: Valid for all 4 days.
Valid for one person for all conference events, on and off conference premises.
Receipt issued will state: "IJAS Toronto Conference Full Registration: $340."
You may include this specs sheet and payment form in applications for funding by your university.

Toronto (May 2009) Conference Registration: Valid for 1 day only.
Valid for one person, for one day only, on conference premises.2
Receipt issued will state: "IJAS Toronto Conference Basic Registration: $225."

You may include this specs sheet and payment form in applications for funding by your university.

Toronto Conference Registration for 2 persons: Valid for all 4 days 
Joint registration for yourself and a fellow co-author or guest, valid for all conference events, on and off conference premises.
Receipt issued will state: "IJAS Toronto Conference Full Registration: $540."

You may include this specs sheet and payment form in applications for funding by your university.

1   If you prefer to mail a check instead of making a credit card or regular payment on PayPal, you may make it payable, and snail mail it, to the International Journal of Arts & Sciences, at 99 Sleepy Hollow Dr, Cumberland, Rhode Island 02864-3236, USA.

The one-day option does not extend to activities beyond the conference premises.

In Case of Questions About...

your submission or the conference:

events sponsorship:
lodging at Ryerson University:
International Journal of Arts & Sciences
Attn: Conferences Department
99 Sleepy Hollow Dr.
Cumberland, RI 02864-3236

Dr. Joseph Bonnici
IJAS Conferences Coordinator
Vance Hall
Central Connecticut State University
1615 Stanley St
New Britain, CT 06050-4010

Our special arrangement with Ryerson provides conference attendees with two university residences, one of which is complete with hotel style services.  Right in the heart of all city attractions, the residences are the best choice location for budget conscious attendees. Click here for the room reservation form, telephone numbers, a fax number, and an email address where you may contact Ryerson for more information.
The sun shines on the RCMP. (Photo by BitMiner)