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How to Organize a Study Abroad Program

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Universities are increasingly looking for faculty that are not just qualified in a field of study but also at ease in internationalizing the students' university experience. IJAS' delegates deserve an integrated conference that addresses their professional goals in expanding education's new global frontiers.

Every delegate who attends an IJAS conference is entitled to register for a one-credit hour graduate-level program offered under the auspices of the University of San Diego. The purpose of this program is to educate delegates how to host study abroad programs. The course addresses the four main challenges of the study abroad experience: (i) academic rigor, (ii) administrative demands, (iii) logistical challenges and (iv) course promotion. By combining an IJAS conference with subsequent selective readings, a multiple choice test and a written project, the delegates garner knowledge and qualifications in compliance with the professional expectations of a study abroad course director.

This course on how to host a study abroad program is optional. Delegates who register for a conference may opt out from registering for it. However, delegates who register for the course must also register for an IJAS conference (one-day or full registration).

Thus the practicum-oriented course requires delegates to:

        • register for an IJAS conference as evidenced by a Certificate of Participation;
        • read an assigned group of twelve to fifteen articles about study abroad procedures and practices at American universities;
        • answer a set of multiple choice questions about these articles; and
        • design a syllabus for a study abroad course.

All the above coursework must be finished within 30 days after the conference. 

Delegates who register for the course will be given access to the articles and online multiple choice questions which may be answered from any computer terminal, anywhere.

For a representative glimpse of the project about designing a syllabus for a study abroad course, click
here. The finished project shall be emailed directly to our course instructor,  Jennifer Davis.

The final grade is issued through a transcript mailed by the University of San Diego directly to the delegate.

The registration fee for the one-credit hour course is $105, in addition to the registration fee for the conference. You may use the button below to register for the course. IJAS will issue only one receipt with the total amount of all your registration fees, since the course qualifies into the integrated study abroad conference experience together with the educational tours.

For any questions you may have about this program, please feel free to contact us.




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